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Our Story

We all have a story. Here’s mine…

My name is Odion. I am a Nigerian-American that resides in Texas. I picked up candle making as a hobby during the pandemic, and soon found myself making wax sachets that didn’t require flames. I started this mainly because it was safer for my small apartment and my pet Chihuahua, Nala.

I later-on figured it was a much more effective and safer alternative unlike numerous chemical-filled artificial products out there. I didn’t want to expose myself to numerous dangerous chemicals present in artificial products these days.

I had found a better, safer and more effective way of producing exceptional scents without any toxic side effects due to the presence of chemicals or smoke.

I then started this business to help provide a flameless alternative fragrance to those who don’t want to light a candle or use an aerosol spray.

Now, it’s all about spreading love and joy through amazing Natural Air Fresheners to every home…