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Wax Sachets - CLEARANCE

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These are the scented wax sachets that are discontinued or out of season.

What is a Wax Sachet? The scented wax sachets are carefully handmade with soy wax, infused with fragrance oil and individually molded by hand and unique finished with floral petals. After curing for a few days, they will be ready to ship! It is also referred to as a scented wax tablet or a wax bar.

How do wax sachets work?: This wax sachet will freshen the air without the use of chemicals, making a better impact on your health and the environment. You can place these handmade scented wax sachets anywhere that can use a light, fresh scent. It can be used by hanging them in your closets or placing them where you store linens. You can also put them in your briefcase and luggage.

Our scented sachets are made of soy wax, essential oils, and naturally dried rose petals. Each order consists of one wax sachet. This Wax Sachet is great for office, home, living room, hotel, etc. The natural air freshener is perfect to fragrance small spaces. And if you don’t wanna hang it up anymore, you can cut the ribbon off and put it in the wax warmer and fill the room!


  • Item Type:¬†Natural Soy Wax
  • Handmade with botanical floral petals
  • Scented with fragrance oil
  • Due to the handmade nature of the product, the design of the wax sachet will vary

How to use the wax sachet: 
To use, take scented wax sachet out of the plastic wrap. You can hang it up using the ribbon in your room or closet. To store with your linens, place the wax sachet inside the organza bag and place where you store your linens. The organza bag will protect your items from coming in direct contact with the wax sachet.

If you don't want to hang your scented wax sachet, you can cut the ribbon and place the wax sachet in your wax warmer.

Warning: Please keep away from an open flame as the petals are flammable. Keep away from the sun. Do not place anywhere near direct heat as the wax sachets will melt such as a stovetop or non-approved appliances. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If using a warmer, do not leave warmer unattended while in use.

If the product comes in contact with the skin, wash with soap and warm water. Not for consumption. If irritation persists or accidently ingest, seek medical attention. . Keep away from clothes and/or fabric

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Yolanda Buchanan
Wax melts

Haven’t tried it yet. Love the scent and pkg. Great customer service and prompt delivery. Thank you a bunch.